FAQ’s about best propane grills

A propane grill is a huge investment in any home. And these days, there’re plenty of models, brand, and features to consider when choosing the best propane grill and it can be tedious to know whether you’re getting the ideal grill for your need.

In the article below, we discuss some of the common questions that our customers ask us with regards to propane grills.

How many BTUs do I need?

BTU is an acronym for British Thermal Unit and is a measure of the amount of heat that a grill can produce. While most the brands boast about how their grills have high BTU, it cannot be used as the only measure to define the best propane grill.

According to post-gazette, many of the grill enthusiasts think that BTUs are totally oversold. There’re plenty of factors to consider when purchasing a grill; compare the BTUs to the size of the cooking surface. Ideally, it’s best to have a grill with 80-100 BTUs per square inch of cooking space.

However, keep in mind that the higher BTUs a model has, the faster it will burn up your fuel, so it’s prudent to go for a propane grill that has just the right amount of BTU rating that will have your job done conveniently.

How many gas burners do I need?

A grill with more than one burner translates to a ”diversified” grill. This is to mean that you can cook different meals using different heat levels, simultaneously.

If you’re contemplating on the number of gas burners to have, the ideal propane grill should have a minimum of two burners-the more the better. The best propane grill has three burners as a standard measure.

With three burners you can have more than three dishes cooking simultaneously while remaining true to their ideal heat.

Do I need a side burner?

Presence of a burner boils down to how much of a barbeque fanatic you’re and whether you would want to have your sauce for topping or basting at an arm’s reach. A side burner is superb at doing light jobs such as warming up sauce and side dishes but is not a great option at doing serious cooking since it’s extremely hard to regulate the temperature of the side burner accurately.

Do I Need a Rotisserie?

Use of Rotisserie as a method of cooking over campfire, oven, or fireplace is among the oldest techniques of cooking that delivers fantastic results.

While you do not necessarily need a rotisserie, it offers you an alternative and magnificent form of cooking that result in a juicer and tasty food.

When looking for the ideal rotisserie for your best propane grill, ensure that you look for a sturdy, durable and robust motor that is built to last. Also, pay closer attention to the maximum weight so that you do not overburden the rotisserie with the weight of the meat.