Hike your first trail with the best snowshoes for beginners

When you decide to take a hike up a snow filled mountain, the feeling that you will be at the top of the world is great. Before you embark on your trail, it’s wise to ensure that you have the right equipment to ensure a successful hike.As a beginner, it’s important to take time and know more about the best snowshoes for beginners therefore ensuring a successful trail.

Snowshoes have been used by many communities living around the Artic regions in order to move through the snow while ensuring stability. The snowshoes help to displace the weight of the user over a large surface area therefore making sure that you don’t sink in the thigh-deep snow.

Below are the best snowshoes for beginners you need to know.

MSR Lightning Ascent 25

This snow shoe is perfect for beginners. For starters it weighs 1780 grams therefore making it a stable platform which helps to prevent falling when walking in deep snow. It is fitted with PosiLock AT bindings which are MSR’s most secure and freeze resistant attachments.

Users have the option of selecting the design with a 5 inch tails that helps to improve flotation especially when they want to venture out in powdery conditions. As the best snowshoes for beginners, it has received the Outdoor Gearlabs Editors’ Choice award therefore a perfect fit for you.

The snowshoe is ultra light, incredibly grippy and tough assuring the user of durability. The designer has incorporated a lightweight nylon decking that helps to reduce fatigue especially when one is undertaking big climbs and long distances.

Crescent Moon Gold 10

The snowshoes are fitted with a stainless steel traction system and an extra set of claws located near the ball of the foot. They weigh 4 pounds and 15 ounces and are designed for the back country.

It has a teardrop design that is great for active snow hikers. It is suitable for different terrains from powdery surfaces to moderate ascents. It is made in the US and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Chinook Trekkers Snowshoes

The shoes are available in size 19 inches through 36 inches. They are light and feature strong aluminum frames with ergonomic design that helps to ensure comfort and better support. The decking of the show has been constructed from UV resistant polyethylene and has ratchet bindings which are easy to use. The heel straps fitted onto the shoes have freeze resistant quick release buckles therefore getting in and out of the shoes is a breeze even for beginners.

Tubbs Men Xplore Snowshoes

The shoe features biomechanical aluminum fit step frame which shows how much innovation the designer has incorporated. It has a rounded and slightly upturned tail which helps to reduce muscular skeletal impact on the ankle, knees and hip joints by 10%. The rotating Toe Cord helps the tail to drop therefore ensuring that snow falls off which reduces cardio respiratory strain by 7%.

It comes with an intuitive forefoot strap on the quick pull binding which cinches and unlocks them with just a push of a button. The Tubbs Control Wings help to keep your heel in place.

As a beginner, you need to remember that never hike into any terrain without proper equipment.