How to properly anchor your Nautica beach umbrella in the sand

Everyone who has been to the seaside understands how fulfilling it is to enjoy morning and evening sun as the breeze of the sea blows gently.

This is one of the best places to relax and many beachgoers carry along some items that help to heighten the bliss.

One of the things commonly availed for beach picnics and relaxation is a Nautica beach umbrella, which comes in handy when you think the sun is too hot to take directly.

But many people are not able to carry their Nautica beach umbrella simply because they lack the ideas to keep it steady when the wind blows.

Many of the times the umbrella is blown and could be carried to other guests nearby thereby inconveniencing their experience.

To help you reinforce your nautical beach umbrella, here are tips for anchoring that you might want to try.

Get the right anchor

The first step to ensuring you get anchoring right is getting the right anchor.

There are many sand anchors that you can pick that will be within your budget.

Different brands offer you different anchors that might work well depending on the location.

Some of the options you might want to look at that will be ideal include the JGR Copa sand anchor, Seasonal Industries umbrella anchor, Wet Products anchor, King Canopy anchor, and Dig-Git umbrella anchor.

You could also look for an anchor that was designed specifically for the umbrella you have.

In most cases, they come together, but if your umbrella does not have its own anchor you should not worry as there are options as mentioned above that will serve the purpose quite perfectly.

Inserting into sand

To ensure your anchor holds the umbrella firmly in place, you need to insert it in the sand well.

Many anchors come with handles that allow easy insertion into the sand.

You need bodyweight to do this but only if the platform is big enough to accommodate your foot.

Each product comes with instructions that will guide you on the insertion process.

For ultimate security, ensure to drive the anchor up to the rim’s top and if you notice that the sand is loose and cannot hold the anchor in place, it is advisable to look for a damper spot where it can bury without problems.

You might also use a shovel to dig the hole in which to insert the anchor.

Place your Nautica beach umbrella into the anchor

After successfully reinforcing the anchor, the next step is inserting your beach umbrella so it stands firm on the anchor.

For this ensure the umbrella pole sits at the base of the anchor, and you could have someone hold the anchor as you push the pole in.

If you can get an anchor that uses screws, you will have a better experience.

Doing this might protect you from unwanted sun tanning that might later turn out a health problem.

It is an easy safety measure that will protect your skin and enhance your comfort as you enjoy the beach experience.