Learn the right strategies to increase your vertical jump

So you want to increase your vertical jump? Keep reading! This blog post will take you through all necessary steps of how to increase vertical jump.

First, what is vertical jump?

Before you understand how to increase vertical jump, it is important to know what a vertical jump is! According to Wikipedia, a vertical jump (also called a vertical leap), is: “the act of raising the center of gravity higher in a vertical plane solely with a use of one’s own muscles; it is a measure of how high an individual or athlete can elevate off a ground (jump) from a standstill.”

Get those Knots Out!

In order to do a proper vertical jump, you have to first get those knots out of your leg muscles! Knots restrict length of your muscle tissue, making them shorter and weaker. These are “no-no’s” for getting a great vertical jump! How do you get rid of them, you ask? Simple! Use a foam roller on your legs. Work for 30 seconds on one leg, on each of these muscles – calves, IT bands, quads – before switching legs and using a foam roller on other leg’s calves, IT bands, and quads.


Getting your leg muscles in top shape is very important in order to increase vertical jump. These exercises should help!

(A) Do Bulgarian Split Squats!

One way to increase your vertical jump is to do 3 sets of 8 reps of Bulgarian Split Squats on each leg on your lower-body workout day. In order to do one rep, stand a few paces away from a bench and place your non-working leg on a bench. Standing erect, hold a dumbbell in each hand and descend until your back knee almost touches down. Using your heel of your foot that’s on a floor, push yourself back up to a standing position.

(B) Other Exercises for How to Increase Vertical Jump

The following exercises from USA Basketball are great ones for increasing your vertical jump. The key is, you have to be committed to doing them!

The Hip Flexor Stretch requires getting into a lunge position with your back knee on a floor directly under your hip. Your front knee and hip should be 90 degrees. Athlete should have his hands on his glutes and gently push his pelvis forward while keeping his upper torso still. This should be repeated 10 times, with each rep being two seconds.

The Trap Bar Deadlift (a strength exercise) and Single Arm Dumbbell Snatches (the power component) are two other great exercises to do in order to increase your vertical jump!

How to Maximize Vertical Jump

If you’ve done all exercises you need to in order to increase your chances of doing a great vertical jump, next question is, how do you increase your vertical jump while actually doing it?

In order to maximize your vertical jump, it is recommended that you manipulate counter-movements of legs and arm swings before take off. According to Wikipedia, a counter moving of your legs, a quick bend of your knees, lowering center of mass prior to jumping up, improves jump height by 12%. Jump height can be increased even further (but another 10%) if you swing your arms during a take off phase of a jump. In order to do this, you must lower your arms distally and posteriorly during a leg counter-movements and powerfully thrust your arms up and over your head as leg extensions phase begins.