Patio umbrellas with solar lights: a perfect fit for your outdoor garden

Many people have heard about patio umbrellas being a great addition to their garden furniture decor.

But, in dimly lit areas, it’s sometimes hard to visit with company or relatives in your backyard.

This is where patio umbrellas with solar lights come in.

The best thing about these outdoor umbrellas is that they require no electricity and can be powered simply by the sun.

They will recharge during the day, then at night, they will automatically come on — lighting your outdoor patio and giving you light to see what’s going on in the night!

How Long Will The Solar Lights Last After Charged?

The lights will typically lasts about 9-12 hours and with the flick of a switch you can turn the lights off if you’d like to save electricity.

As long as there is plenty of sunlight during the day, you will not have to worry about quick discharging.

Another consideration you might want to think about is that these are conveniently portable.

You can take them to a wedding reception or use them while camping to give a nice lit area to cover.

They will fold up and you can pack them in a vehicle.

They can also be used on a deck, in a restaurant patio area, or pool area.

Do Patio Umbrellas with Solar Lights Require Cleaning?

Just like regular outdoor furniture, patio umbrellas require minimal cleaning because of the material they are made of.

They are made to be outside in the elements.

Here’s an article about cleaning your patio umbrella that will help you understand more of the process.

The materials used are commonly weather-resistant and don’t require much attention.

If you’re really into garden design, these patio umbrellas with solar lights will complement your setup.

They offer an elegant feel with the added benefit of lighting to help show off your existing garden layout.

You can find them in different colors to see which will accent your backyard the best!

Do The Patio Umbrellas Need Any Maintenance?

Since the umbrella already comes with lights on it (that are typically LED), there’s a long life span for those.

As with cleaning, there isn’t much maintenance for the umbrella due to the fact that it is made out of aluminum (to prevent rusting) and all of the parts are connected with each other.

Maintaining your umbrella doesn’t need any more care than this outdoor furniture care guide.

The poles on the umbrella are powder coated to prevent rust.

Thoughts & Summary

Patio umbrellas have been outdoor yard additions for a very long time, but sometimes they are accompanied by a lamp or some other source of light.

With having the benefit of lights already attached to the umbrella, you can simplify your outdoor patio setup.

Especially since you don’t have to worry about plugging them in, you’ll both prevent wires from being visible and save money on your electric bill since the sun will give you the electricity you need to power the outdoor patio umbrella.