Smartphone addiction, its signs and how to overcome it

Possessing a smartphone has numerous benefits because it is a very productive tool.

However, consistent and continuous use of this device can negatively affect your life.

Below, we will discuss what a smartphone addict is, the effects and how to break free from this habit.

What is Smartphone addiction?

It’s the fear of being without a smartphone.

As funny as this may sound, it’s an actual problem and is very common all over the world.

The aspects spearheading the addiction are internet, games, and applications.

Addiction entails the following impulse control problems.

Existence of Virtual Relationships

Due to social networking, texting and dating apps, online friends have become closer than real life friends or family.

Despite the social media being a place for people to make real friends or connect with old ones, the online relationships aren’t as ideal as real-life interactions.

Online friends may appear as perfect, and one may fall into the scam of a stranger with evil intentions.

Online Compulsions

Example of these compulsions is online gambling, gaming, and shopping.

Gambling has always been a problem since long ago.

The introduction of online gambling has worsened the problem.

Compulsive online shopping can also damage a person financially.

Information Overload

Continuous watching of videos, playing games and searching on Google can make you shift focus from work and education.

It’s because you will spend most of your time exploring for new information and therefore neglect real-life relationships and activities.

Smartphone addiction is much similar to drug addiction.

It’s because it may trigger dopamine, a brain chemical that alters mood.

You will, therefore, feel the urge to always be on your phone to experience pleasure.

The Signs and Symptoms of a Smartphone Addict

They are unable to finish tasks at work, school or home.

You will find that there are piles of jobs waiting for you because you were busy chatting or playing video games.

You isolate yourself from your real life family and friends.

You will be unable to focus during conversations because you are always checking messages on your phone.

Sneaking away from people so that you use your phone in private is another red flag.

Most addicts get agitated if someone interrupts their online schedule.

Feeling of anxiety if you leave your phone at home or when it shuts down.

Or imagine that you feel your phone vibrating only to find out that there are no notifications.

Fear of missing out on vital information or updates if you don’t check your phone on the regular.

The Effects

Smartphone addiction can impact your life in the following ways.

Firstly, it increases loneliness and depression.

You might think that you are reducing the depression by social media interactions.

But you are making it worse.

The need to always engage online can lead to increase in stress levels.

The endless chatting and buzzing of your smartphone will make you unable to concentrate.

Plus, excessive smartphone use can lead to disruption of your sleeping patterns.

How to Overcome Smartphone Addiction

You should first identify the triggers that make you engage with your phone.

It can either be boredom or depression.

You should, therefore, look for more efficient means to manage your moods such as relaxation techniques.

Strengthening your relationship with real-life friends and family is a sure way of beating addiction.

Immediately, you recognize how good real-life relationships are, and you will control your smartphone addiction.

Build your coping skills to anger or stress.

If you cope up with anger or anxiety by tweeting or texting, you should learn other ways to deal with your issues such as therapy.

Beating smartphone addiction is easy.

All you have to do is limit the time you can use your smartphone.

Turn it off when you have no use for it.

Remove the addictive applications and games from your phone and accept that you can live without it.