Sport-Brella portable beach umbrella review

When it comes to picking out a portable beach umbrella, there are a variety of factors to consider.

For example, how many features do you want to see in your new umbrella and how much portability are you willing to sacrifice to have them?

The Sport-Brella, while certainly portable, is a more heavy duty beach umbrella and is suiting for those willing to go the extra mile to get a more consistent and reliable area of shade.

Let’s take a closer look and see if the Sport-Brella is the portable beach umbrella for you.

Portability is the Sport-Brella’s major drawback.

While it is portable, you’ll find that it’s not exactly the lightest of its kind.

The umbrella in question comes with a variety of added features, so it’s to be expected that it’s going to carry a bit of extra weight.

If you seek out such features, you’ll find the Sport-Brella’s extra weight to be well worth what it has to offer.

If there’s one area where the Sport-Brella truly excels above the rest, it’s in its high level of durability.

If you take a look through the product’s Amazon reviews (you can find the link at the bottom of this review) you’ll find very little in the way of negative reviews on account of broken umbrellas (or negative reviews at all, for that matter).

As such, you can be sure you’ll squeeze quite a few beach excursions out of this umbrella.

The Sport-Brella is quite possibly the number one portable beach umbrella when it comes to the sheer amount of shade it can offer.

The sides of the umbrella have flaps which fold out, offering a shape which looks similar to half a tent, keeping you completely shaded while sitting under it.

This is a feature very rarely seen in products of its type and is possibly what most sets it apart from the competition right off the bat.

Upon first glance, the Sport-Brella might not look like it can hold its own against a strong gust of wind.

This is due to the flaps on either side of the umbrella that extend down to the ground.

Upon closer inspection; however, you’ll notice that the flaps in question can actually be bolted to the ground.

Of course, bolting the umbrella is entirely optional, though this will certainly come in handy on particularly windy days.

Either way, this beach umbrella likely has the best wind resistance on the market when one takes into account its overall mass.

Assuming you don’t mind sacrificing some degree of portability, the Sport-Brella is an excellent choice for all sorts of outdoor excursions, whether or not they take place on the beach.

Through its excellent level of durability, wind resistance and shade, this product proves to be one of the very best of its type on the market.