The rise of Bella Bean dog collars and how to get one

The idea behind dog collars hasn’t changed that much since man started using them on dogs. Man first began using dog collars to keep their canine friend under control and also to help protect their necks against predators, thanks to bob cats, coyotes, wolves and so on.

Spiked collars are still worn by dogs due to their protective nature. However, in ancient times, dog owners used them excessively to make their dogs appear more ferocious during war or conflict times.

Today, it appears all attention is shifting towards the aesthetic functions of dog collars. In fact, when talking of the best ones to buy, one can’t fail to mention Bella Bean dog collars which have taken the niche by storm. They are cute and functional. For this reason, dog owners who love their adorable puppies will invest in couture Bella Bean dog collars to add an extra depth of style when walking their dogs along the streets.

How to pick the right size

When getting a dog collar, you want a collar that isn’t too big or too small for your dog. If it’s too big, they will easily slip their neck out of it. This puts them under potential danger. On the other hand, if it’s too tight-fitting, it will make the dog’s life extremely difficult to the point that it chokes them.

For this reason, it’s important to understand the different sizes of dog collars available in the market.

The Wee size is the most commonly available size for puppies whose necks measure anywhere between 7 and 12 inches. However, before setting out to buy Bella Bean dog collars, make sure you take the exact measurement of your puppy’s neck.

The second option is the S size collar. S stands for small, and is ideal for dogs whose necks measure up to 11 inches.

The M size Bella Bean dog collars will fit necks between 12 and 16 inches. M stands for medium. Finally, L will fit neck sizes falling anywhere between 16 and 24 inches.

This brings us to measuring your dog’s collar

Take measurements of the circumference of his or her neck and add 5-10% allowance. The buckle will slip to the front part of the neck due to its weight, and that’s quite normal. However, you still need to create enough room to avoid the buckle digging into his throat. Therefore, ensure you can fit a couple of fingers in between the collar and the neck.

Why get a dog collar by Bella Bean?

They have a range of collars that appeal in color, design, and functionality. Some of their dog collars have fancy add-on like quick-release buckle that can be manipulated using one hand to attach a leash.

Dog collars manufactured by Bella Bean can be used on all dogs regardless of the size of their necks.

They’re tough and long-lasting, giving you years of service. Finally, these dog collars are made of materials that are water-proof and odorless too.

Therefore, if you’re looking for style, functionality and cuteness as factors that determine purchase of collars, this brand will give you what you want. They’ve specialized in a wide range of dog accessories, making them a hallmark of the industry.