Tips for taking the best garment bag on your next trip

If you are planning a trip or packing for time away, do yourself a favor by using the right baggage.

A suitcase is fine for getting all of your stuff from point A to point B, but at what cost?

Most suitcases don’t accommodate delicate fabrics and you will end up at your destination wrinkled and in need of an iron.

Ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, and invest in the best garment bag that you can find.

The right fixtures

The best garment bag has convenient fixtures for carrying your apparel, as well as for hanging the bag once you arrive at your destination.

Choose a bag that offers a durable, comfortable handle when the bag is folded-up, as well as a way to carry it when it is open.

This will give users more flexibility when trying to transport delicate garments without wrinkling them.

Also, look for handy hangers that will make it easy and effortless to hang the bag when you are away from home.

Convenient compartments

Everything you carry may not need a hanger, so look for a bag with ample compartments to carry other items.

This could include zippered pouches, envelope-style pockets, or even plastic sleeves for apparel.

The best garment bag will have these features and high-end hardware, too.

Having the option of compartments in your bag may make it the ideal bag to take with wherever you go, taking the place of your typical carry-on or overnight bag.

Resilience and durability

The best garment bag in the world is useless if it allows your things to get wet or damaged in transport.

Look for fabrics and materials that are durable and that will be resilient to water or moisture.

Ask bag retailers about fabric and bag fresheners that will also help decrease musty smells or environmental odors that could impact the condition of your clothing during travel, too.

Ease of storage

Since you probably will be coming back home after your journey, look for a garment bag that is easy to store when not in use.

The best garment bag options will likely fold or roll-up to preserve and protect them; other styles and luggage may prove too bulky to be practical when stored.

A stylish look

You also want to buy a garment bag that looks good and that is cohesive with the other bags that you routinely carry.

Choose one with a wide, comfortable strap in addition to the durable handles, and also select a color and fabric that is versatile and aesthetically-appealing.

You may find that a carry-on and the best garment bag you can find are all that you need for time away or upcoming travels.

Talk with luggage retailers about the features of the best garment bag that they offer, and do some homework to find the best price.

Think of the room that you will save without toting an iron on your journey!