Top things to know before buying temporary auto insurance

Prior to buying a temporary auto insurance you should see if you actually need insurance cover or not.

You should contact your previous car insurance company, home insurance company or your insurance representative before you decide to buy temporary auto insurance.

You may be surprised to know that you might already be covered and you don’t need an additional insurance coverage.

If you are borrowing a car from your friends or relatives, you should ask them if their insurance covers you also.

If the policy is covering you also then you would not need to purchase an additional policy.

What is covered under this insurance?

Temporary auto insurance usually lasts from one day to 28 days depending on the policy you prefer.

When you decide to buy insurance, make sure to check what things the insurance company will cover for you.

It can also vary depending on the type and reason for your insurance.

The basic things are:


This protects you from any kind of law suits that occur in relation to the car.


Expenses incurred if the car has been towed because of different circumstances.

Comprehensive Coverage

If during an accident that was your fault, an insurer covers expenses of the third party only.

However, in comprehensive coverage, the insurer will also cover the damages to your car.

Medical Payments

If during an accident you injure yourself, and then you can claim reimbursement from your insurer for the same.

Uninsured and underinsured motorists

Uninsured motorist is when you have been in an accident where the driver at fault does not have liability insurance.

Underinsured motorist is when the liability insurance of the driver at the fault, is not enough to pay for the damage or medical expenses.

Your insurance company can provide coverage if both these scenarios were to occur.

Collision coverage

In this the insurance company will cover if something collides with your car which causes damages to your car.

How much does it cost?

The cost of insurance depends on various things like the duration of the insurance, the car you are insuring and how will you be using the car.

The place from where you decide to buy the insurance can also vary.

If you buy insurance from the rental agency from where you are renting the car, then the insurance may be higher than going and buying from the insurance company.

Not only this, different insurance companies will give you different quotes.

Hence, it is recommended to compare different quotes before settling into one.

The comparison basis should be same.

For example if you want insurance cover for 2 days then you should compare all the rates for 2 days only.

This will give you the accurate result and make your decision wiser.

Now that you know all about temporary auto insurance, you should consider buying one.

There is no hassle as the entire process id very simple and easy.

It just takes minutes to get everything done.